Too much SQL won't kill you

Is there such a thing as too much SQL?

We are passionate about Microsoft technologies like SQL Server, Power BI and Azure and, really everything that is related to data, so we don't think so!

What about you?

Daily dosis of SQL

Even if you are already working with SQL and data on a daily basis, don't be afraid to immerse yourself even further at dataMinds Connect.

Too much SQL won't kill you! Why? Well, we could list a number of reasons why you should join us next October 2nd and 3rd. Today, we'll give you the best eight!

  1. is the new and improved version of the previous SQL Server Days
  2. takes place at a brand new location: the Ghelmaco Arena
  3. provides you with the latest news, updates and insights about the Microsoft Data Platform
  4. creates a pleasant environment with drinks, good food, free goodies and,... a raffle!
  5. is where you meet (and greet!) world famous SQL experts
  6. offers you (and your boss) numerous persuading arguments to budget SQL Server 2017
  7. is where you can be your nerdy self and exchange ideas with other SQL Server enthusiasts
  8. is the largest SQL Server Conference in the Benelux!


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