The Kardashians according to Pieter Vanhove

It wasn’t easy for me to decide whose session at DataMinds–Connect would be my favourite. But I looked at them all and my first ‘Kardashian’ is Frederik Bogaert’s ‘SQL Server <3 Linux’. Even though I’m a Microsoft guy at heart, I can’t wait to see SQL run on Linux. SQL Server 2017 is coming and I’m excited for it! I really want to see how easy SQL can be installed on Linus and how it works. Hopefully, I’ll learn more about Linux too.

Allan Hirt’s session had to be among my favourites with this banger of a title: ‘Top Troubleshooting Tips for Clustered Implementations of SQL Server’. He knows all there is to know about high availability and disaster recovery, I kid you not! Moreover, Allan is great speaker, so his session will not only be interesting but easy on the ears as well.

When I first read the title of Nico Jacobs’ session – ‘When SQL Server makes mistakes’ – I stopped and thought ‘Wait… What? SQL Server makes mistakes?’. But sure enough, even SQL Servers aren’t save from them. During his session, Nico will show you a cool new feature in SQL Server 2017 called ‘Adaptive Query Processing’. It’s a mouthful, but basically this allows your SQL Server to adjust a faulty plan while that same plan is being executed. Gone are the days of mistakes, so make sure you don’t miss his talk!

Pieter Vanhove

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