Steve Verschaeve's Favourite Session

What are my two favourite sessions? Oh boy, I don't know where to start. Since I'm dealing with SQL Server fulltime within most, if not all domains, I have a big interest in all topics discussed by this year’s dataMinds speakers. However, based on my personal interest and topics I daily deal with, I’m looking forward to the Graph database session by David Postlethwaite.

Why? It's interesting to see how this technology can analyse relationships and interconnected data. Along with R Services, Polybase and Python, Graph database offers new opportunities for SQL Server experts to explore. Fun times ahead, a must to every data professional. Looking forward to the Kevin Bacon problem!

My second choice: AlwaysOn Multi-Site Patters by John Martin, because AlwaysOn is big and hot. I usually start with the question: what is your RPO/RTO and you’re off for days discussing architectures. Designing HADR solutions spanning multiple locations can be complex and challenging. Looking forward seeing John sharing his experience and best practices from the field. Bring your note pads and 3D glasses. I will take care of the popcorn...

Steve Verschaeve

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