Frederik Vandeputte's Favourite Session

Choosing my favourite session was harder than ever before. We received 112 session proposals by 45 unique speakers this year and unfortunately there was only room for 25 on our final schedule. It goes without saying that we have an amazing speakers line-up ready for you, so, allow me to choose two favourites.

First of all, I am looking forward to Buck Woody's opening keynote. Buck is a very gifted speaker with loads of experience, so I'm sure he will kick off day two with an inspiring keynote.

Secondly, I would like to recommend our Power BI Happy Hour. We've been organizing a Power BI Happy Hour for the last couple of years now and it has always been a very entertaining session during which different speakers and attendees give a short Power BI demo. If you want to join us by giving a presentation as well, just drop us a line. Either way, I hope to welcome there.

Frederik Vandeputte

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